Found non-empty schema "public" without metadata table! Use init() or set initOnMigrate to true to initialize the metadata table.

  • I'm using Postgres 9.2 with Postgis 2.0. This means that by default when I create a new database there will be a table created in public schema called spatial_ref_sys.

When I run flyway migrate on this database, I get the above error. Running init seems to create the public.schema_version table and mark version 1 as SUCCEDED without actually running the the migration file. I've also tried combinations of initOnMigrate with no success. Flyway is not configured to manage any schemas.

Any ideas on how I can run a migration in this scenario?

  • I've altered the title of the question even further to simply state the error message. The original title "Migrate a virgin database causes errors" was simply incorrect as stated in the comments below. – markdsievers Apr 10 '17 at 9:22

The title is somewhat contradictory, as the database is indeed not virgin as you installed, through the PostGIS extension, a number of objects in the public schema.

You can either

  • set flyway.schemas to a new schema, say my_app, which will then be created automatically by Flyway. Your application should then use this one instead of public (recommended)
  • set flyway.baselineOnMigrate to true or invoke flyway.baseline() against the public schema. This will work, but public will then contain a mix of both your application objects and the PostGIS objects
  • Fair point, altered the title and content to reflect the caveat. Thanks for the answers again Axel, will hit it again on Monday and come back with my results. – markdsievers Aug 30 '14 at 9:03
  • As an aside, if you have any comments on this Flyway / EJB integration question, I'd love to hear any of your comments. – markdsievers Aug 30 '14 at 9:06
  • What I have done is added flyway to flyway.schemas so schema_version is completely isolated. We have ~7 schemas at the moment, so in reference to your answer on my previous question I am going with the "nothing" approach. With this setup, migrating a virgin* database works. On an existing database however, init -initVersion=2 will work as desired but migrate -initOnMigrate=true -initVersion=2 will try to run all migrations. This seems contradictory to the documentation. – markdsievers Aug 31 '14 at 23:02
  • I've added an issue on github regarding initOnMigrate and also contributed a work in progress patch in the comments section for further discussion. – markdsievers Sep 30 '14 at 9:40
  • Using JPA, you can tell your entities about the new schema by the "schema" property. e.g. @Table(name = "posts", schema = "blog"). – user2964500 Dec 26 '16 at 9:59

If you are using Gradle you can run

./gradlew -Dflyway.schemas=public flywayClean flywayMigrate

Where public is the name of the database containing the schema_versions table. That should delete the table and metadata as well as running the migrations to get it back up to date.


This will delete all data in public schema


I think this error comes only with latest version of Flyway i.e. above 4.03. I didn't received in the earlier project but got it when I am using Flyway version 5.07 in my latest project. Putting the code here that resolve my issues

public class FlywayConfig {

    DataSource dataSource;
    Config config;

    public Flyway flyway(){
        Flyway flyway = new Flyway();
            flyway.setLocations(new String[] { config.getSqlLocation() });
            // *******************flyway.clean(); ********************// this will wipe out the DB, be careful
        return  flyway;



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