I created a 40px x 40px image in Adobe Illustrator CS4. I saved as an .ai file and then tried to export as a PNG.

Adobe Illustrator automatically crops the background and tightens the export to a rect around all the objects which if fine. In this case, I am not working edge to edge so my image is not quite 40px wide.

But, unfortunately, Illustrator is not exporting the entire image. I end up with an image that is 34px wide. Indeed, the icon I draw starts on the left hand side but the right edge of my object cut off.

Any ideas why this is happening? I can't imagine Illustrator CS4 can't correctly to export to PNG.


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File/Export option gives you much more options. When the Export dialog box apears, under the save type as PNG, you have "Use Artboards" radio button. Tick that and PNG will be saved as a whole page instead of automatic croping. A plus is that you'll have a second dialog box where you can set the PNG's resolution.


In CS5 I have found the opposite to be true. I tried the File>Export option and it kept expanding my image to include white space around it. Once I used File>Save for Web & Devices it worked perfectly. The "save as type" was able to be set to "Images Only (*.png)"


Are you exporting the image by going to File>Export or are you using File>Save For Web & Devices. I think this problem only appears when you are trying the latter. Usually File>Export gives you good result.


I had same issues... even on clicking the radio button of art board,Its dint work for me, later i figured out that i dint make any background for my file. I added a layer of background and it worked exactly the way i want.

  • What if one wanted a transparent background?
    – ptrcao
    Dec 25, 2017 at 4:50

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