I have a enum in my Model that corresponds to column in the database.

The enum looks like:

  enum sale_info: { plan_1: 1, plan_2: 2, plan_3: 3, plan_4: 4, plan_5: 5 }

How can I get the integer value?

I've tried


But this only returns 0.

  • Shouldnt it be Model.sale_info.value.to_i? e.g. Model.sale_info.plan_1.to_i – Florian Gl Aug 29 '14 at 14:21
  • Nops... Because I don't know which plan its store at database. So I want to recover it and cast it as an integer – Cleyton Aug 29 '14 at 14:22

You can get the integer values for an enum from the class the enum is on:

Model.sale_infos # Pluralized version of the enum attribute name

That returns a hash like:

{ "plan_1" => 1, "plan_2" => 2 ... }

You can then use the sale_info value from an instance of the Model class to access the integer value for that instance:

my_model = Model.find(123)
Model.sale_infos[my_model.sale_info] # Returns the integer value

You can get the integer like so:

my_model = Model.find(123)
my_model[:sale_info] # Returns the integer value

Update for rails 5

For rails 5 the above method now returns the string value :(

The best method I can see for now is:


Shadwell's answer also continues to work for rails 5.

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    It is because 'enum' will create a method sale_info for your model, use [:sale_info] to get the property value instead of return from sale_info method. – etlds Apr 5 '16 at 0:33
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    Note that this method does not work if the model has not been saved. The sale_info_before_type_cast value (and my_model[:sale_info]) is still a string if it my_model.sale_info has been assigned a string without a subsequent save. – Tim Smith Oct 9 '16 at 5:49

Rails < 5

Another way would be to use read_attribute():

model = Model.find(123)

Rails >= 5

You can use read_attribute_before_type_cast

=> 1
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    @GrantBirchmeier Updated the answer. You can use read_attribute_before_type_cast. – ArashM Apr 8 '17 at 8:15
  • Before Rails 5, model.read_attribute('sale_info') equal to model[:sale_info] – zw963 Nov 29 '17 at 7:34

My short answer is Model.sale_infos[:plan_2] in case if you want to get value of plan_2


I wrote a method in my Model to achieve the same in my Rails 5.1 app.

Catering for your case, add this into your Model and call it on the object when needed

def numeric_sale_info

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