I'm wondering if anyone out there has worked with Google Maps API with Rails 3. I'm looking for launching ideas, gems, plugins etc.

I played around with ym4r-gm plugin for several hours today, with not much luck. Have you played with this API on rails 3 yet?

Thanks in advance!

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Just fyi, I made https://rubygems.org/gems/gmaps4rails which is a useful wrapper with several options.


YM4R doesn't offer much beyond a few wrappers of the API functions. I used YM4R for a while but then ditched it in favour of using the Google Maps API directly (from JavaScript). Perhaps it's an option you could consider too?


Cartographer plug-in supports Rails 3+ ,

It has been re-written to work for huge number of markers and clusters

it integrates pretty well with google maps v3 and rails 3 , http://grati.la/cartorbflw


there is GMaps v3 gem for Rails 3 (also 2.3) called BHM Google Maps didn't have much luck with it, but you can give it a try


it all depends what you want to do I use this as a gem "https://github.com/apneadiving/Google-Maps-for-Rails" and works wonderful I started learning rails a few days I go and I got it up and running in like 20min.


you can always check out ruby toolbox for current status of gems because some become inactive over time.Also, decide which gems to use depending on application.
Now GMaps-for-Rails is currently widely used.

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