How can I completely remove a class from memory in Ruby?

I have two files I'm working with:

# foo.rb
require 'expensive_library'

class Foo < ExpensiveLibrary::Plugin


# foo_tests.rb
require 'foo'
require 'test/unit'

class foo_tests < Test::Unit::TestCase
  def test_foo_meets_spec_1
  def test_foo_meets_deprecated_spec

ExpensiveLibrary is expensive; it takes over 15 seconds to load. This is way too long to repeatedly run the tests during development (the rest of the test suite takes less than 1 second).

I have worked around the load time of the expensive library by starting Pry and writing a function that loads the two files and calls Test::Unit:Autorunner.run. This still has a 15 second pause in the first run of the tests, but subsequent test runs take less than 1 second each.

However, there are two problems:

  1. Pry complains about all the methods on Foo and Foo_tests being redefined
  2. when I remove a method from the source file, it remains defined in my test environment, generating spurious failures.

Based on other Stack Overflow questions (like "How to undefine class in Ruby?"), I have tried calling Object.constants.remove(:Foo) and Object.constants.remove(:Foo_tests). I no longer get the method redefined errors, but now the autorunner runs the tests multiple times, including removed tests.

What I want is to run the modified tests without reloading ExpensiveLibrary. Undefining the test classes is the way I see to do it, but I don't know how. Other solutions might be better.


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It seems to me that what you're looking for is a preloader such as Spork, or even a more specific one like rspec-preloader. When using a preloader, you will have to require your 'foo' file in a spec/spec_helper.rb file, which you probably already have:

# spec/spec_helper.rb
require 'foo'

# ...

The spec_helper should load your entire app environment. Arguably, it's more expensive when running tests one at a time. But by using a preloader, you only have to require all the code once.


OK, just spitballing here, because I'm not certain exactly what you're trying to, but have you tried undef or undef_method? They don't work directly on classes, but if you undef the methods that call the tests you don't want done maybe it will work for you?


You can hack with load paths (Adding a directory to $LOAD_PATH (Ruby)).

  • create some folder like ./tests/fake_implementations/
  • add it to $LOAD_PATHS
  • add there file expensive_library.rb with some lightweight fake implementation of ExpensiveLibrary
  • then require 'expensinsive_library' will load this file instead of the original one.

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