So kind of a noob here but I can't seem to find any examples or help anywhere. I have a working instance of NSQ, can register tasks, consumers, etc. Unfortunately I did not originally set the system up. What I am trying to do is figure out how to activate some of the built in command line tools that NSQ offers ( nsq_to_file, nsq_tail, etc. ). I found documentation on how to fire them but have no idea where to fire them from.

When I try nsq_tail --channel=MyTestChannel --topic=test --lookupd-http-address= i get nsq_tail command not found. The only other thing I know is that NSQ is managed by docker in our circumstance. Any help / a shove in the right direction would be awesome. Thanks!

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Did some digging and answered my own question. Hopefully this helps someone since the docs dont really exist:

  1. Make sure NSQ is running by checking out the dashboard: localhost:4171
  2. Install the NSQ library (different than nsq-go) go get
  3. Install godep, how bitly manages dependencies go get
  4. Go to bitly src directory cd $GOPATH/src/
  5. Use docker to compile and test the nsq command line tools sudo docker build nsq
    • You should see about 5 or 6 steps run followed by a schlew of tests and a success message.
  6. Run nsq_tail you should see something along the lines of --topic is required
  7. Clap your hands, you just installed the command line tools for NSQ.

Might also need to install docker if you don't have it, not referenced above but FYI.

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