Are there examples of how to pass a list of key_names to Model.get_or_insert() ?

My Problem:

With a method of ParentLayer I want to make the children.

The key_names of the new (or editable) entities of class Child will come from such a list below:

namesList = ["picture1","picture2"]

so I should be able to build a list of key_names with method from the parent class as follows:

class ParentLayer(db.Model):

 def getOrMakeChildren(self, namesList):
            keyslist = [ db.Key.from_path( 'Child' , name , parent = self.key() ) for name in namesList ]

the problem is next where I simply want to get_or_insert entities based on keylist defined above:

            childrenEntitiesList = Child.get_or_insert(keyslist) # no works?

also none of the below attempts worked:

            #childrenEntitiesList = Child.get_or_insert(keyslist, parent = u'TEST') 
            #childrenEntitiesList = Child.get_or_insert(keyslist, parent=self.key().name() ) 
            #childrenEntitiesList = Child.get_or_insert(keyslist, parent=self.key() 

get_or_insert has to use a transaction in order to atomically return or create the requested entity, and you can't execute a single transaction over multiple entities. Also, get_or_insert takes keyword arguments for the constructor, and there's no easy way to specify a different set for each.

If you just want to get_or_insert multiple keys, you could do this:

entities = [Child.get_or_insert(k) for k in keylist]

As mentioned, this will require a transaction per entity. If you expect that the entities in question will usually exist, an alternative version of get_or_insert may be more useful (and efficient) for you:

def _get_or_insert_tx(key, properties):
  """When run in a transaction, fetches or creates an entity atomically."""
  entity = db.get(key)
  if not entity:
    entity = db.class_for_kind(key.kind())(key=key, *properties)
  return entity

def get_or_insert_multiple(args):
  """Fetches or creates multiple entities.

    args: A list of (key, dict-of-properties) tuples
    A list of entities, in the same order as args.
  # First, try and fetch them in a batch, outside the transaction
  entities = db.get([x[0] for x in args])
  # Now, transactionally create or fetch each missing one
  for i in range(len(entities)):
    if entities[i] is None:
      entities[i] = db.run_in_transaction(_get_or_insert_tx, *args[i])
  return entities

This code will first attempt to do a batch fetch of all the entities you want to create, and then execute a transaction only for the entities that don't already exist. In the best case, it does a single batch get; in the worst case, it does a batch get followed by a transaction for each entity. Note that, unlike the built in get_or_insert, this one takes keys rather than key names - since that's the syntax you were using.

Here it is in use:

entities = get_or_insert_multiple([(k, {}) for k in keys])

Note the empty dictionary for each entity, since you're not specifying any properties to be passed to the constructor for new entities.

  • OK this looks like it will be very helpful . thank you – b_dev Apr 2 '10 at 2:54

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