I'm a beginner in Javafx. I found that Javafx Scene builder is pretty cool to generate any forms related to Javafx, but it does play with only fxml files and not with java files.

For e.g: When I create MenuList, Items etc. using Scene Builder it just generates the source with similar html files only (XML output).

But I do not want to confine with the use of these XML files. So does anyone knows the individual technique to handle along java file without using fxml ?

Thanks in advanced!


The answer to your question Can JavaFx scenebuilder used to create Java Code instead of FXML is You Can't

If you need to use Java to create your Presentation Layer, you will have to do it by writing codes on your own and there are reasons to it. Please follow the post below :

JavaFX empowers you to create UI using both Java code and XML-based language called FXML. Scene Builder was introduced to leverage the use of FXML, by providing a DRAG n DROP feature, to generate FXML code. You can consider this similar to Window Builder for Swing, with a difference of the end result being in FXML(.fxml) instead of Java(.java).

Basic Difference b/w Java code and FXML

Java Code

BorderPane border = new BorderPane();
Label toppanetext = new Label("Page Title");
Label centerpanetext = new Label ("Some data here");


        <Label text="Page Title"/>
        <Label text="Some data here"/>

Why Use FXML, When I can achive the same via JAVA code

You would be thinking as to why to use FXML, when we can make the same using JAVA. Well, its your choice !!

From the docs

FXML is an XML-based language that provides the structure for building a user interface separate from the application logic of your code. This separation of the presentation and application logic is attractive to web developers because they can assemble a user interface that leverages Java components without mastering the code for fetching and filling in the data

So, FXML forces you to use a MVC pattern, keeping your presentation layer separate from the logic, making it easier for you to maintain and edit the presentation layer, and through UI designers, who have no relation to Java/JavaFX

For more information and example on FXML

  • Hmmm, I when I programmed in SWT I used a technology called XWT which allowed me to create GUIS with xmls. It was pretty horrible. Bindings didn't work, focus was stolen, and scroll bar didn't want to be added. Is FXML any better? I am traumotized by XWT and I now I don't want to program in FXML. – whomaniac Aug 2 '15 at 9:14

SceneBuilder is for the creation of the gui visually via fxml and does not generate any java code at all. This is left up to the developer.

A good starting tutorial is here: http://code.makery.ch/java/javafx-2-tutorial-part1/

It goes over the use of JavaFX with Eclipse and SceneBuilder

  • Have a look into this pic pls.. I want to generate this codes.. using Scene builder.. Is that possible? – nitin sharma Aug 31 '14 at 7:34

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