I have an image

`<img src="../images/Editing-Edit-icon.png" data-toggle="modal" data-target=".editButton"  id="deleteBtn"/>`

and a button

`<button onclick="loadImage()">`

I am trying to load img inside a div on button click, like the follows:

function loadImage(){
 cell1.innerHTML = document.getElementById("deleteBtn").value;

But it is not working. How can I do that?

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function loadImage(){
    cell1.innerHTML = '<img src="'+document.getElementById("deleteBtn").src+'" />';

If you want src of the image , you must get src property from img tag

 cell1.innerHTML = document.getElementById("deleteBtn").src;

Then if you have load image with deleteBtn src property you must set :

cell1.innerHTML = "<img src='" + document.getElementById("deleteBtn").src + "' />";

You can avoid innerHTML by using cloneNode to clone the image element:

var clone = document.getElementById('deleteBtn').cloneNode();
clone.id = /* whatever */
// Change other properties as required

Incidentally, closing empty HTML elements with /> is just putting junk in the markup.

  • multiple calls to this code would result in many copies of the image, rather than simply replacing the current one.
    – RozzA
    Sep 1, 2014 at 9:56

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