I have a RDLC report which has some controls on the first page, which are inside a rectangle and which display ok. Beneath the rectangle, i have a matrix, which spans more than one page both in width and in height. I want the matrix to start rendering on the second page. If I enable "insert break before" on the matrix, there is an extra blank page before the matrix(in print layout), which is my problem. If I reduce the amount of data, so the matrix does not span more than one page in width, there is no blank page, and all is well. I checked the Page and Body sizes, they are ok. Any tips? This has been driving me crazy all day, what can I check? Thx


I know this is probably too late now, but I was receiving extra page breaks if my Body size width property was greater than my Report PageSize width property.

Check both these things.

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    never late, still can reference by other people like me :P – Thant Zin Jun 11 '12 at 8:33

Put borders on everything to see if they are wider than the page. Check the keepTogether property on all the elements to see if they are creating extra white-spaces.


Try setting the 'insert break before' on a dummy rectangle between your first page content and the matrix, instead of giving it directly on the matrix itself.

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