I am trying to set up clustered Hadoop and Cassandra. Many sites I've read use a lot of words and concepts I am slowly grasping but I still need some help.

I have 3 nodes. I want to set up Hadoop and Cassandra on all 3. I am familiar with Hadoop and Cassandra individually but how so they work together and how do I configure them to work together? Also, how do I set up one node dedicated to, for example, analytics?

So far I have modified my hadoop-env.sh to point to Cassandra libs. I have put this on all of my nodes. Is that correct? What more do I need to do and how do I run it - start Hadoop cluster or Cassandra first?

Last little question: do I connect directly to Cassandra or to Hadoop from within my Java client?

Rather then connecting them via your java client, you need to install Cassandra On top of Hadoop. Please follow the article for step by step assistance.


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