I'm writing a daemon similar to Chris Alvares daemon. I want to get the divice location in background without users permission. If the Location Services preference in Settings is set to ON then I have no problem getting location. For this I'm adding to my executable entitlements com.apple.locationd.preauthorized key with boolean value set to true. The problem is when the Location Services is off. In this case when I want to get the device location a UIAlertView pops up telling the user that location services is off. There are basically 2 ways but i don't know if they are doable. First, to programmatically turn on/off the Location Services preferences in settings. Second, get location using another code without needing Locations Services to be set ON

Update 01:

I did as iMokhles said and I guess it should work but nothing happens. I guess it is because of the entitlements and I saw the syslog and here is what is logged:

iPhone locationd[44] <Error>: Entitlement com.apple.locationd.authorizeapplications required to use _CLDaemonSetLocationServicesEnabled
iPhone myDaemon[3443] <Error>: CoreLocation: CLInternalSetLocationServicesEnabled failed

So I added this key to entitlements but it still gave me this error. After I checked Preferences app entitlement I added these lines to the entitlements plist but again nothing happens.


Here is an Example from FlipSwitch Location Switch

declare it in your header

@interface CLLocationManager
+ (id)sharedManager;
+ (BOOL)locationServicesEnabled;
+ (void)setLocationServicesEnabled:(BOOL)enabled;

Then you can access it using the following code to check if enabled

if([[[objc_getClass("CLLocationManager") sharedManager] locationServicesEnabled] {
    // Enabled
} else {
   // Disabled

and to enable/disable location

[objc_getClass("CLLocationManager") setLocationServicesEnabled:YES];
[objc_getClass("CLLocationManager") setLocationServicesEnabled:NO];

and don't forget to import CoreLocation Framework ;) and

#import <objc/runtime.h>

EDIT Check code above

Good Luck

  • Thanks. setLocationServicesEnabled works fine but I can't get the current value from locationServicesEnabled. It always returns true value. I have a question. locationServicesEnabled is a class method so why did you use sharedManager for calling it? – user3586942 Sep 1 '14 at 18:33
  • BTW why does using [objc_getClass("CLLocationManager") setLocationServicesEnabled:] instead of [CLLocationManager setLocationServicesEnabled:] work? (I mean the log said my problem was with the entitlements while using objc_getClass I don't need the entitlements at all!). I have a guess though. I think it's because when you get the class from it's name it is executed from the binary of CLLocation framework loaded from dyld_shared_chache and because that binary has the right permissions the entitlement is not needed. Am I right? – user3586942 Sep 1 '14 at 18:43
  • [CLLocationManager locationServicesEnabled] works! I don't know why it didn't work a few minutes ago. Maybe my test was wrong:) I have edited your answer a little bit. – user3586942 Sep 1 '14 at 18:51

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