I'm trying to test the title tag of my application/layout.html.erb:

<title><%= content_for?(:title) ? yield(:title) : "Foo Bar" %></title>

But I find no way to set the title variable:

it "should show a title" do
  # NameError: `title' is not allowed as an instance variable name
  #view.instance_variable_set(:title, 'Test Title')

  # Deprecation error
  # view.stub(:title) { 'Test Title' }

  # Fail:
  # allow(view).to receive(:title) { 'Test Title' }
  # view.content_for(:title) { 'Test Title' }
  # assign(:title, 'Test Title')
  # helper.stub(:content_for).with(:title).and_return('Test Title')


  expect(rendered).to have_title('Test Title')

I'm using Rails 4.1.4, rspec-rails 3.0.2, Capybara 2.4.1. Any suggestions?

  • Is this in a spec for your action's view or the layout? View specs don't render their layouts. If this is already in a spec for your layout view.content_for(:title) { 'Test title' }, should be all you need... – alol Sep 4 '14 at 12:37

You can do something like this

 view.instance_variable_get("@view_flow").set(:title,"Test Title")
 expect(rendered).to have_title('Test Title')

In case anyone needs to do this with Minitest:

def setup
  @view_flow = ActionView::OutputFlow.new

test 'when page_title is set' do
  @view_flow.set(:page_title, "Hello") 
  expected_html = '<title>Hello | My Amazing Website</title>'
  assert_equal expected_html, title

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