I'm getting the following errors:

CUICatalog: Invalid asset name supplied: (null), or invalid scale factor: 2.000000
Could not load the "(null)" image referenced from a nib in the bundle with identifier "com.example.project"

I' m getting the errors since I set a "Selected Image" for a Tab Bar Item in Interface Builder:

enter image description here

I've added the file into Xcode:

enter image description here

The setting is written into the storyboard file:

<tabBarItem key="tabBarItem" title="..." image="config.png" selectedImage="config_filled.png" id="5Wh-7m-Y4H"/>

I'm using Xcode 6 Beta 6

I know about Error: CUICatalog: Invalid asset name supplied: (null), or invalid scale factor : 2.000000 but that doesn't help me.

What could cause that the asset name is null? I've reentered the image name, I also tried with cleaning and rebuilding but the error stays (and no image appears)

  • I am getting exactly the same error, and no mention of an invalid scale factor. I am using asset catalogs with all image sizes supplied. This appears to be a definite bug. My final solution was to simply exclude the selected image, as I don't see that it is worth pursuing further. – Owen Godfrey Oct 18 '14 at 0:42
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    Duplicate from stackoverflow.com/questions/12672603/… Answer is there. – Gabriel Cartier Oct 31 '14 at 19:02
  • @GabrielCartier Please read my question carefully, I already checked that when I asked my question. – idmean Oct 31 '14 at 19:04
  • sorry, my bad.. – Gabriel Cartier Oct 31 '14 at 19:08

In Xcode 6.1, some attributes in Attributes Inspector did not work, but you can use "User Defined Runtime Attributes" to solve this problem.

I solve it like this: enter image description here

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    I've tried this solution and, in my particular case, it works. Thanks, @mistyhua. – enreas Dec 23 '14 at 13:20
  • This is genius. Here have an upvote. – Matthieu Riegler Jan 24 '15 at 2:07
  • Works perfectly. I had my images in a .xcassets file. – Daniel Feb 19 '15 at 15:21
  • Just noticed, that the error message still appears, but the images are now visible. I ended up doing it programmatically. – Daniel Feb 19 '15 at 15:35
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    Don't set "Selected Image" in "Attributes Inspector". @Danniel – Mornirch Feb 21 '15 at 13:34

I've finally ended up using this nasty code in AppDelegate:

UITabBarController *tabBarController = (UITabBarController *)self.window.rootViewController;
((UITabBarItem *)tabBarController.tabBar.items[0]).selectedImage = [UIImage imageNamed:@"light_filled"];
((UITabBarItem *)tabBarController.tabBar.items[1]).selectedImage = [UIImage imageNamed:@"umbrella_filled"];
((UITabBarItem *)tabBarController.tabBar.items[2]).selectedImage = [UIImage imageNamed:@"config_filled"];

Hopefully Apple will fix this bug soon.

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    Xcode 6.1 is out and the bug is still present. :( – Rudolf Adamkovič Oct 27 '14 at 11:09
  • @RudolfAdamkovic Yeah, I know. Strange that Apple doesn't notice/fix this bug. – idmean Oct 27 '14 at 11:10
  • The whole thing is barely working. Just when I implemented your workaround, code completion for Swift stopped working. No comment. – Rudolf Adamkovič Oct 27 '14 at 11:16
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    Yes only solution I found was to set the images programatically and remove the selectedImage and the Image properties in my storyboard for each tabbaritem – Fraggle Jan 7 '15 at 17:52
  • Same Issue with me... Apple plz fix this.. – Mehul Mar 12 '15 at 6:31

Leave the "Selected Image" for a Tab Bar Item in Interface Builder empty should remove the warning message.

  • But then I still don't have a selected image? – idmean Mar 30 '15 at 6:30
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    Somehow the selected image here does not apply to my app. The only way to make it work is to use "User Defined Runtime Attributes" just as above. – NEO Mar 31 '15 at 6:27
  • so please post a comment above. This answer is on its own pretty useless. – idmean Mar 31 '15 at 6:30
  • Not enough reputations to do that I am afraid. :( – NEO Apr 1 '15 at 1:26

For me the solution was to check all your UIImageViews in story, sometimes if you delete UIImageview and restore them with Cmd+z, the image in the UIImageView becomes "Unknown". I think it is a bug, since you can still see the image in the storyboard.

Solution: Select the image again in the UIImageView in storyboard

  • thanks! When I checked UIImageView, it is showing with Unknown now I removed and working fine. – Antony Raphel Dec 22 '16 at 7:33

The solution I found was to set the entry of the tabBar image in Images.xcassets to Render As: Template Image

This solved the errors and warnings.

Credit goes to this answer from another question.

  • That sounds logical. I will try that. – idmean May 16 '15 at 21:08

My swift workaround because of lack of code completion was this

    let secondItem = tabBarController.tabBar.items![1] as UITabBarItem
    secondItem.selectedImage = UIImage(named: "home-selected")

This was put in the AppDelegate's didFinishLaunchingWithOptions.


Try leaving off the ".png" extension, that would have fixed certain IB image loading issues in the past.

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    Doesn't help, I'm still getting the same errors. – idmean Sep 2 '14 at 6:59

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