Right now I am trying to test my controllers and I need to access session, I found out that you can login using superagent but my only option for loggin in to the web app is through google oauth, and right now I cannot find any appropriate samples for testing with Mocha. Any help?


It depends on how you implemented your sessions.

In my Sails app, after authentication, I set req.session.authenticated = true, along with cookies, etc. One thing you can do if you're doing something similar is in your /login route, add:

if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'test') {
  req.session.authenticated = true;
  // do what you would do next after authentication
} else {
  // do normal login procedures

Then, in your tests, in a before hook, you can use superagent to make a request to the /login route to authenticate:

describe('MyController', function() {
  var agent;

  before(function (done) {
    agent = require('superagent').agent('YOUR_APP_URL');

    // authenticate

  // in your tests, use the same agent to make future requests
  describe('#someAction', function() {
    it('should do something', function(done) {
        .end(function (err, res) {
          // should work!

It's just an idea - you can adapt this approach to however you're checking sessions. This works for my Sails app using Mocha for tests.

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