Does anyone knows how to configure a SBT project to run an annotation processor (APT)? I'm doing some lab on a web project, using some Java tools like QueryDSL, and i need to generate querydsl classes for my JPA model classes, in a similar way QueryDSL Maven plugin does.

Thanks in advance.

  • Check play-querydsl, details of plugin in: https://github.com/CedricGatay/play-querydsl/blob/master/src/main/scala/QueryDSLPlugin.scala. You can try to run in on your code, check the line: Seq("-proc:only", "-processor", "com.mysema.query.apt.jpa.JPAAnnotationProcessor", "-s", outputDirectory.getAbsolutePath))(streams.log) – Andrzej Jozwik Sep 3 '14 at 9:06
  • I'll take a look and post the results after some tests. Thanks – accbel Sep 3 '14 at 14:26
  • I couldn't get that to work in Scala projects without any java source files -- the "javac -proc:only" command fails with "javac: no source files" – Rich Oct 15 '15 at 9:09

You could manually run the annotation processor (see command below) or implement an SBT task similar to the following:

lazy val processAnnotations = taskKey[Unit]("Process annotations")

processAnnotations := {
  val log = streams.value.log

  log.info("Processing annotations ...")

  val classpath = ((products in Compile).value ++ ((dependencyClasspath in Compile).value.files)) mkString ":"
  val destinationDirectory = (classDirectory in Compile).value
  val processor = "com.package.PluginProcessor"
  val classesToProcess = Seq("com.package.Class1", "com.package.Class2") mkString " "

  val command = s"javac -cp $classpath -proc:only -processor $processor -XprintRounds -d $destinationDirectory $classesToProcess"

  failIfNonZeroExitStatus(command, "Failed to process annotations.", log)

  log.info("Done processing annotations.")

def failIfNonZeroExitStatus(command: String, message: => String, log: Logger) {
  val result = command !

  if (result != 0) {
    sys.error("Failed running command: " + command)

packageBin in Compile <<= (packageBin in Compile) dependsOn (processAnnotations in Compile)

Update destinationDirectory, processor, and classesToProcess as necessary.

You might also change the "-d" flag to "-s" depending on the type of annotation processor you have (see options for javac).

  • how to write it in sbt.version=0.13.15? – bubbles Apr 4 '20 at 18:45

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