I'm new to Java and trying to understand if the following is possible:

I have a number spinner ranging from 30 to 55, call it spinner1. I want to link a second spinner, spinner2, where the range of values depends on the number chosen in spinner1. e.g. if the user chooses 30 in spinner1 they can choose a number between 1 and 100 in spinner2. Selecting 55 in spinner1 limits the range of values in spinner2 to between 1 and 50.

I have read the JSpinner cycling tutorial and understand how two spinners can be linked but there both spinners have fixed limits. I really jsut want o know if this is possible and any hints would be appreciated.


You link the Spinner models rather than the spinners themselves.

SpinnerNumberModel model1 = new SpinnerNumberModel( 10, 10, 90, 10 );
model1.addChangeListener( this );
SpinnerNumberModel model2 = new SpinnerNumberModel( 10, 10, 19, 1 );

The idea is to let spinner 1 step from 10 to 90 by 10 and force spinner 2 into the interval [spinner1.getValue(), spinner1.getValue()+9] This is done by the ChangeListener method

public void stateChanged(ChangeEvent e){
  SpinnerNumberModel model = (SpinnerNumberModel)e.getSource();
  Integer value = (Integer)model.getValue();
  model2.setMinimum( value );
  model2.setMaximum( value + 9 );
  if( (Integer)model2.getValue() < value ){
    model2.setValue( value );
  } else if( (Integer)model2.getValue() > value + 9 ){
    model2.setValue( value + 9 );

The models are passed to the JSpinner constructor:

JSpinner spinner1 = new JSpinner( model1 );
JSpinner spinner2 = new JSpinner( model2 );

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