I am facing a very weird behavior in Solr version 4.4.0

When I send following url request for indexing two documents, it works fine, ie, it writes the indexing message into respective core. Hence we can say that commit works fine.


Now when I give exact same url for delete of all documents, i see a different behavior. Although it reflects the result of delete query from solr console (ie, all documents get deleted). But indexing message does not commit to disc, i.e, I cannot see any new change in time stamp of any file in "data/index" folder.

Now if I send following url request, it writes this new index to "data/index" folder, i.e. commit actually happens


So I am surprised that what is the difference between "dataimport...commit=true" and "update...commit=true". What is being called finally in both cases.

Because of above behavior delete messages are not getting replicated to slave.

I don't understand whether it is a problem of soft commit or hard commit. How should i proceed to tackle this problem. Any input or pointer will help.


If you're on a Solr version prior to 3.4, commit is not called automagically if you're only deleting documents. From 3.4 and onwards commit is always called based on the value of commit in the url.

  • My solr version is: 4.4.0 So as per your comment, it should work, but it is not – Shweta Sep 4 '14 at 6:28

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