I have an AWS key and secret key and would like to call boto to get the account name.

I can get account ID, but the AWS account name is a mystery.

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To get the AWS account alias in boto3:

alias = boto3.client('iam').list_account_aliases()['AccountAliases'][0]
  • While the API response allows for multiple account aliases, AWS docs say there can be only one per account.
  • The account alias is not the same as the account name, but it's alphanumeric and more usable than account number.
  • Getting the alias also doesn't require as much privilege to access as getting the account name via the boto3 organizations service.

To get account ID (account number):

id = boto3.client('sts').get_caller_identity().get('Account')
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from Get AWS Account ID from Boto

id = boto3.client('sts').get_caller_identity().get('Account')


name =   boto3.client('organizations').describe_account(AccountId=id).get('Account').get('Name')
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    getting name resulted in botocore.exceptions.ParamValidationError – Grant Robert Smith Oct 17 '18 at 20:57

It is only possible if you're using IAM and you want to retrieve that alias. If you have root credentials, it's not possible to retrieve the account name.

The related call is: get_account_alias()


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    The alias is not the same as the account name. – blacksheep9000 Sep 4 '14 at 15:09

Its late but might be helpful for future. If you are using organization service then using below code you can fetch Account Name.

org = boto3.client('organizations')
account_name = org.describe_account(AccountId='account-id').get('Account')
print(account_name ['Name'])

For more info

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