I have two enumerables with the exact same reference elements, and wondering why Equals wouldn't be true.

As a side question, the code below to compare each element works, but there must be a more elegant way

var other = (ActivityService) obj;
if (!AllAccounts.Count().Equals(other.AllAccounts.Count())) return false;
for (int i = 0; i < AllAccounts.Count(); i++) {
    if (!AllAccounts.ElementAt(i).Equals(other.AllAccounts.ElementAt(i))) {
        return false;
return true;

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Have a look at the Enumerable.SequenceEqual method.

bool result = AllAccounts.SequenceEqual(other.AllAccounts);

Depending on the data type you may also need to use the overloaded method that accepts an IEqualityComparer to define a custom comparison method.


.Equals is comparing the references of the enumerables, not the elements they contain.

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