I'm trying to to a gulp task which copies all files inside a folder to another folder

gulp.task('copy-fonts', ['unzip'], function() {
    return gulp.src('./gulp-tmp/**/fonts/*')

The problem is, the name of the directory after gulp-tmp varies, so I had to use ** there.

So the result ends up like /fonts/[randomFolderName]/fonts/[the files]

Where what I want is /fonts/[the files]


Use gulp-flatten.

var flatten = require('gulp-flatten');

  • this is recommended answer. – ArifMustafa Apr 10 '20 at 13:17

I use simple code without external libs, for example:


or only html files:

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    Excellent...thanks! I was looking around to find out why just having an asterisk was bringing in the directories too: javascript gulp.src('app/*') .pipe(gulp.dest(config.dist.root)); I'd mistakenly thought that I needed the double asterices in order to recurse, but seeing your solution made me realise that I can do this: javascript gulp.src('app/*.*') .pipe(gulp.dest(config.dist.root)); I guess it will still bring in directories with a dot in the name...but anyway, thanks. – Mark Birbeck Aug 13 '15 at 19:01

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