Can someone recommend a hosted solution that answers the following requirements (I have seen other questions but none with these specific requests):

  1. Project management with tasks, wiki, milestones

  2. Bug tracking integrated

  3. Collaborative - suitable for working with external developers

  4. Subversion integration

I know Jira but it seems to be too complex and lacks on the collaboration



We use Redmine for project collaboration and bug tracking, and I think it meets all your requirements.

  • We eventually use jira hosted. Redmine is great if there was a hosted for that – guytom Sep 11 '10 at 6:37

CounterSoft Gemini may work for you.

The key issue is ensuring ALL team members (External or Internal) use the same tool (and stop using email!) for your project management.


Check out ]project-open[. It's an open-source project & portfolio management server that also includes a strong ticket system with dynamic fields, workflows etc. You can also integrate tickets into projects as WBA elements by including a "SLA" (service level agreement - this is specific type of project) as part of a larger projects. The SLA acts as a container for tickets, so that each project can have it's associated bug-tracker. ]po[ also support SVN integration, check http://www.project-open.org/en/package_intranet_cvs_integration for details.

Affiliation note: I'm a member of the ]po[ team.

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