Is there a way to set a Global JS Variable from inside a cordova plugin?

My situation is this; I have a library that is initiated from an Anonymous class. Once initiated it has a function that can be called via a pointer.

The function has no return; and merely sets a variable;

        reader = new Reader(getApplicationContext(), new CardFlightDeviceHandler() {

                /* Response */
                public void readerCardResponse(Card card) {
                    // TODO Auto-generated method stub

                            "Device swipe completed", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT)

                    mCard = card;


/* Call */

(API Documentation) https://getcardflight.com/docs/api/android#initialization

(Class Initiatlization) https://github.com/CardFlight/android-demo/blob/master/android-demo/src/com/example/cardflight/MainActivity.java#L67

(Call) https://github.com/CardFlight/android-demo/blob/master/android-demo/src/com/example/cardflight/MainActivity.java#L164

  • Are you trying to sett a variable from native side and make it accessible in js side? Why don't you add a getValue type of method to your plugin? I suppose I didn't understand the question...
    – mentat
    Sep 4 '14 at 7:05
  • Yes, i'm trying to set a JS Variable from the native side. I suppose a getValue is doable. Sep 4 '14 at 21:19

Yes, this is possible.

You can store a value via SharedPreferences and access this value in JS.

You could use the NativeStorage plugin to retrieve a stored value.

See this thread, here a JS value is stored via NativeStorage and accessed in Android. Your application should be the other way around. Store a value with SharedPreferences with the correct PREFS_NAME ("NativeStorage"). And get the value via NativeStorage.

NativeStorage.getItem(<key>, function(value){}, function(error){});

NativeStorage on NPM or Github.

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