What is the best way to draw a whole CALayer hierarchy to a context (hence a UIImage, PDF)?

My hierarchy contains CATransformLayer, CATextLayers, CAReplicatorLayers and CAShapeLayers.

It looks fine on the screen but I never get it to look the same in the UIImage (and I don't want to use a screenshot-like rendering, since I want the CAShapeLayers and CATextLayers to be rendered as a vertex graphic to PDF)

These are some problems that I'm facing:

  1. The rendering ignores the zPosition property and the translation.z in the transform, it renders strictly by the order in the sublayers array.
  2. My layers have frames/position/transforms mixed and often layers get moved around (pseudo-randomly) when rendering.
  3. Sometimes CAReplicatorLayers are simply ignored and only the first instance gets rendered to the CGContext
  4. As soon as a translation.z value of the transform is set to a non-zero value, that layer completely ignores its transfrom and renders itself at (0, 0), I worked around that by manually ordering the layers and setting the zTranslation to 0 but it's not very comfortable.

I hope somebody of you knows an easy and safe way to render everything to a context exactly as it is shown on the screen!

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