I know in Vim you can delete all comments in a file with a keyboard shortcut, but I have been unsuccessful finding a similar technique in ST3. This would be particularly useful for gemfiles and other files that have distracting comments everywhere.

Looking for a keyboard shortcut or a quick and easy alternative.

Any suggestions?


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The simplest is to use a regex search-and-replace, e.g.,

  • Cmd-Opt-f
  • Select the .* option (regex)
  • Find What: ^#.*\n Note 1
  • Replace With: (nothing)

This won't work for comment blocks. For them you need to be a bit trickier, (very) roughly:


(Not tested robustly.)

If you do this a lot (which IMO is a little strange) you could bind it to a key.

Note 1: This works for comments at the beginning of lines. It doesn't do comments appended to code lines; if you want to handle that then you can remove the ^ but you'll need to so something about the EOLs that would disappear during replacement. Or you can just ignore the EOL and have some blank lines where line comments were.


What Dave answered didn't work for me. So do the following if its the same case for you too,

To delete all specific <tag> element including contents inside it:

  • Ctrl + H (on PC)
  • Enable (Regular Expression): .* icon or Alt + R
  • Find What:

    RE syntax to work with a particular tag,

    (?s)<start tag>.*?<end tag>

    Such as, for CSS comment tags,


    For HTML comment tags,


  • Replace With: Leave the field blank

  • Replace All
  • 5
    For block comments, the following worked for me using RegReplace and find and replace: \/\*([\s\S]*?)\*\/ Commented Oct 18, 2016 at 20:45
  • 1
    The HTML comment tags expression works, I've found that the CSS comment tags expression instead returns an error message: Invalid preceding regular expression prior to repetition operator.
    – Luigi
    Commented Mar 16, 2017 at 8:31

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