I'm using ssh to connect to an openshift server. Every once in a while, like every 15 minutes, i get kicked out (disconnected). How can I prevent this?



Once you ssh into your gear, run the unset TMOUT command and that should remove the timeout and should help keep you from getting disconnected.

  • Thanks Corey. I worked but my connection was closed in less time. Perhaps to erase that another variable variable takes less default value. I solve it by setting a large value after unset line. – JRichardsz Jan 27 '16 at 23:17

Another option aside from removing the timeout all together is to increase it, for example:

unset TMOUT
export TMOUT=2880000
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Above answer is for the sessions and you will have to change it every time you connect. If you want to make it permanent try to edit sshd_config or ssh_config (whichever is used to configure timeout) file. In my case, it was located in


Below configuration worked for me:

ClientAliveInterval 6000
ClientAliveCountMax 3

Keep In Mind That If It Is Controlled By Your Administrator Team, None Of These Will Work! They can control it in network VPN, AD (active directory) or another security layer. If so, you are not alone :)

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