I have a system with Hibernate 4.1.7 and Spring 1.3.4 jpa. When I run myEntity.findOne(id), the hibernate WARN logging in console:

[main]; WARN; org.hibernate.dialect.function.TemplateRenderer; - HHH000174: Function template anticipated four arguments, but arguments first encountered.

Find out about some possible solutions in but could not solve my problem in http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-9215, https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/HHH-6280.

I am checking the code logging in org.hibernate.dialect.function.TemplateRenderer

@SuppressWarnings({ "UnusedDeclaration" })
    public String render(List args, SessionFactoryImplementor factory) {
        int numberOfArguments = args.size();
        if ( getAnticipatedNumberOfArguments() > 0 && numberOfArguments != getAnticipatedNumberOfArguments() ) {
            LOG.missingArguments( getAnticipatedNumberOfArguments(), numberOfArguments );
        StringBuilder buf = new StringBuilder();
        for ( int i = 0; i < chunks.length; ++i ) {
            if ( i < paramIndexes.length ) {
                final int index = paramIndexes[i] - 1;
                final Object arg =  index < numberOfArguments ? args.get( index ) : null;
                if ( arg != null ) {
                    buf.append( chunks[i] ).append( arg );
            else {
                buf.append( chunks[i] );
        return buf.toString();
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First of all good research

Yes, this was raised as a bug earlier with Hibernate, and was provided with a fix also. But due to lack of test cases, it was rejected and never released as a part of subsequent releases.

The bug was introduced as a part of Hibernate 3.6.

So still needs to wait for somebody to raise the ticket, and provide suitable test cases and fix.

refer here for more details.

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The referenced (root cause) hibernate bug HHH-5676 was rejected so I expect no improvement in the near future with this WARNING.

There is a way to switch it off at least if it annoys you. You can restrict the logging level of the hibernate class TemplateRenderer to ERROR. The class TemplateRenderer does this log and (at this time) this is the only logging in that class. It depends on your logger how to do it. In my case:


Hiding this is risky because of obvious reasons. Do it carefully!

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