I am using some code from Jack Ganssles debouce tutorial, and trying to get it to work on an MSP430 using Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio v5.5 (based on Eclipse). I am having an issue with an integer array, that I am using a define value called MAXCHECKS in.

#define MAXCHECKS 8;
int Debounced_state;            // Debounced state of the switches
int state[MAXCHECKS];           // Array that maintains bounce status
int Index = 0;                  // Pointer into state

This line int state[MAXCHECKS]; throws up 2 errors #17 expected "]" and #171 expected a declaration. If I change MAXCHECKS to a value of say 8 or 10 the code builds and loads fine, although it does not debounce the switches, but that is something I can work on as not set the timer up yet.

The code that the define and variables work with is as follows

int i,j;
state[Index] = (P1IN & 0x0088);
j = 0xFF;

for(i=0; i<MAXCHECKS; i++)
    j &= state[i];          

Debounced_state = j;            
if (Index>=MAXCHECKS)
    Index = 0;

I figure it must be something I am missing but at this point unsure hence the question?


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Remove the semicolon at the end of the macro definition

#define MAXCHECKS 8;

The pre-processor expands the line in question to

int state[8;];

which causes the compiler error.

  • Cheers Martin I feel like an idiot now with such a simple error!
    – Ant
    Sep 6, 2014 at 11:25

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