I'm using FOS User bundle to allow users to register and log in to my app. Until now it works just fine but i don't know how to get my hand on those views? Can i generate them somehow? Documentation doesnt seem to know anything about it, just about overriding templates, which is not what i need...

At first i thought routing file might be of some use, since it points to specific places in the project, but it lists folders I dont even have in my application

    resource: "@FOSUserBundle/Resources/config/routing/security.xml"

    resource: "@FOSUserBundle/Resources/config/routing/profile.xml"
    prefix: /profile

    resource: "@FOSUserBundle/Resources/config/routing/registration.xml"
    prefix: /register

    resource: "@FOSUserBundle/Resources/config/routing/resetting.xml"
    prefix: /resetting

    resource: "@FOSUserBundle/Resources/config/routing/change_password.xml"
    prefix: /profile

There is no FOSUserBundle directory at all...

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You can find third party bundles installed in the vendor directory.

In this case, @FOSUserBundle should be a pointer to vendor/friendsofsymfony/user-bundle/FOS/UserBundle/.

If you don't have that directory, try running this on your project root: composer update.


Overriding templates is well documented here

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