I am trying to retrieve all rows in my table, but with user filters(where conditions).

Table looks like this: news: id, category, type, body, is_active

I want the user to filter them by: type and is_active

So i am using

if(Input::get("is_active")) News::where("is_active", 1)->get();

if(Input::get("type")) News::where("type", Input::get("type"))->get();

if(Input::get("category")) News::where("category", Input::get("category"))->get();

How can I run all conditions on the same query? I don't want to make if/else for each condition and re-write the query all over again!


This way:

$query = News::newQuery();

    $query->where("is_active", 1)->get();

    $query->where("type", Input::get("type"))->get();

    $query->where("category", Input::get("category"))->get();

return $query->get();

You can pass a closure to where()

Try this:

$filters = ['is_avtive', 'type', 'category'];

News::where(function($q) use ($filters){

    foreach($filters as $field)
        $q->where($field, Input::get($field));


Try this

News::where("is_active", 1)
    ->where('type', Input::get("type"))
    ->where('category', Input::get("category"))

or if you want only active news with other or conditions.

News::where("is_active", 1)
            $query->where('type', Input::get("type"))
                  ->where('category', Input::get("category"))

Check out advanced where

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