I'm running a simple MVC app generated by Yeoman on my Mac using the ASP.NET vNext K runtime. I can run k kestrel from the project directory, and everything boots up and runs just fine. However, when I hit Ctrl+C (or any other key combination I've tried), the server doesn't quit. I have to close the terminal window to get the server to shut down. What am I missing?

  • Same solution applies if you start site using dnx . kestrel
    – CrnaStena
    May 20, 2015 at 1:35

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If simply pressing Enter doesn't work for you, try the following in the terminal window where you're running Kestrel:

  1. Hit Ctrl + z to suspend the process.
  2. Type: kill %1.

It turns out that simply hitting "Enter" exits kestrel cleanly, without the need to kill the mono-sgen process afterward. There is a github issue on the Kestrel repo asking to make this more obvious.

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    On Ubuntu I seem to have to press "Enter" and follow it with CTRL+C
    – aikeru
    Nov 7, 2014 at 13:49
  • Justi using 'Enter' worked fine for me on OS X, although there was a short delay before the mono-sgen process came down, after terminal prompt returned.
    – Calvin
    May 28, 2015 at 23:10

Hit Ctrl+Z, then you will need to kill the mono-sgen process to be able to run 'k kestrel' again with the same IP:PORT (If someone knows a better way please let us know)

After "Ctrl+Z" type "ps" to list your processes and find the PID for "/Users/YOU/.kre/packages/KRE-mono45-x86.1.0.0-alpha4", for example: "123456", then type "kill 123456".

UPDATE: I tried to use 'killall mono-sgen' but doesn't works for me.


If you have any processes open simply pressing "Enter" wont work on a mac. However if you use the example from UnraisedCesar and kill all your processes. Then restart the k kestrel you should be able to press "Enter" (if this is the only one of these processes running) and it will end properly.

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