I have a native messaging host for a chrome extension that reads from the keychain in OS X (using Apple's keychain service). I make the call to chrome.runtime.sendNativeMessage when the browser action page is opened. When the keychain is already unlocked, the native program runs fine and returns a response on standard out. The problem occurs when the keychain is locked so OS X prompts the user to unlock the keychain with a UI alert (similar to this). The problem is that the native program hangs when it is called and the prompt doesn't appear immediately. The prompt only appears once I close the browser action popup, and it only appears briefly (less than a second). I know that the native application is running while waiting for the UI prompt since I added logs for when it starts and exits (I also check ps).

Does anyone know why the native application might be hanging? I thought that maybe the UI window was causing things to be blocked, so I tried forking a new thread in the native application to open the keychain. Unfortunately, that didn't work either.

When I run the program directly from the command line, I don't run into any of these issues and the prompt to unlock the keychain appears immediately.

Ps. I've tried chrome.runtime.connectNative too and that doesn't work either.


It turns out that the function I was using to read from standard in was waiting for an EOF so under certain circumstances, the native application was just suspended indefinitely.

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