is the total throughput shown in last row in Summary Report correct ? I m using Jmeter 2.11

I find it difficult to match the displayed figure by manipulation.

I followed the formula (x/sec) : Number of request / Total response time required (in sec) Or 1/Avg total response time (sec).

for example : 50 request taking avg response time as 2000 ms each then throughput = 50/(50*2) = 0.5/sec But Jmeter shows different value than 0.5/sec or 30/min

Can someone help me here?


I was also having similar assumption. But this is the formula for calculating throughput.

 endTime = lastSampleStartTime + lastSampleLoadTime
 startTime = firstSampleStartTime
 converstion = unit time conversion value

 Throughput = Numrequests / ((endTime - startTime)*conversion)

(I got this few months back from the below answer) Calculating throughput from Jmeter jtl log file

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