Using the GUI Layout toolbox I have created an interface which basically is divided in two parts:

  • A toolbar area where the user selects the way he want to see data
  • A preview area to display data upon selected mode in the toolbar

For the preview area I used a uietxras.CardPanel object to switch between the view modes.


After some investigations, I discovered that if I display things in 3D (or 2D) in one of the preview card using surf (or pcolor) then it alters the display in the second card. If I display data in 1D only using plot commands I have not issue!

The issue I have when using pcolor/surf in one of the preview card:

  • Titles and labels seem to overlay in Preview 1
  • Axis borders are not displayed correctly in preview 2
  • Legend borders (when displayed) are altered also

If I only use plot commands in both preview modes I have no issue at all and cards are switching nicely.

Test case

My real code is really long, I have thus reduced it to the minimum so you can reproduce the issue:


Simply run the code and check the checkbox "Do 3D plot in preview 1" to see the issue happening when switching between the two preview modes:



  • As far I know, I'm using latest version of the GUI Layout toolbox (1.17).
  • I'm using R2013b for Matlab

I came across this issue as well. I'm afraid I never quite worked out what the cause was exactly, and it didn't appear in a very consistent way. The issue seems to be that plots on non-selected cards are not hidden properly, and get overlaid just behind and around the edges of the plots on the selected card.

I would encourage you to raise the issue with the authors of GUI Layout Toolbox via the comments on the toolbox's page at MATLAB Central, as I do think it's a bug.

Nevertheless, the reason I never followed it up myself is that I found a fairly straightforward workaround, which may also work for you. Each time the selected card is changed, I ran a simple function that deleted all children of all cards, and then re-plotted whatever I wanted on the selected card. It seemed a bit annoying to have to do that, but it worked, and removed any of the display issues you've come across.

  • Good to read this. I will try your suggestions tomorrow morning and leave comment on toolbox's page in between. Thanks for your guidance :) – CitizenInsane Sep 8 '14 at 21:26
  • Ok ... I did clear axes children in invisible cards and it is working ... Investigating a little further for current case, setting visibility of surf object in the other card is sufficient (see picture) – CitizenInsane Sep 9 '14 at 8:42
  • Looking a little bit more to CardPanel code, invisible cards are just moved off-screen (comments say children are set invisible but it's not true, and it's maybe better not in order to not have to remind old status) ... Anyway, I tried changing visibility manually, it doesn't help ... So I definitely think the issue is linked to hg and that's it so far :( – CitizenInsane Sep 9 '14 at 8:45

Ok got it, the issue has nothing to do with CardPanel themselves, it is linked to the renderer of the figure.

Trying simple code below:

shading flat;

If the figure's renderer is set to 'OpenGL' (the default) ==> there are some glitches:


If the figure's renderer is set to 'zbuffer' ==> there is no glitch:


Setting the renderer to 'zbuffer' fixes the problem.

NB: Maybe OpenGL rendering can be fixed by fine tuning graphic card acceleration settings, but I don't know ... I issued opengl software and opengl hardware commands in Matlab and software rendering is worst than hardware rendering on my machine.

EDIT: Side notes

Transparency effects are only available if the renderer is set to 'openGL'. It is thus not possible to visualize at the same time both 1D and transparent-3D data without glitches (at least with hg version 1 in R2013b).

HG2 has no issue:

enter image description here

  • Good stuff - zbuffer it is. Just a note for the future - in 14b, Handle Graphics 2 is coming out (at least, it's there in the 14b prerelease, and I sincerely hope MathWorks won't back it out). In HG2 most of the stuff about renderers should be less of an issue, as there is a whole new rendering pipeline for MATLAB graphics. The current version of GUI Layout Toolbox isn't supported in 14b/HG2, but the toolbox authors have stated that there will be a new version released to coincide with the full release of 14b. So hopefully this issue should go away then as well. – Sam Roberts Sep 9 '14 at 10:42
  • I tried HG2 with -hg switch on the command line in R2013b, it is very appealing. I hope also for a simpler way to design graphical interfaces rather than doing everything by code, but, hummm, that's challenging, so maybe not in next release... Thanks again for your advises and support. – CitizenInsane Sep 9 '14 at 11:53

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