I'm trying to run a Java Servlet application using Tomcat. The Tomcat 7 server needs to be run on JDK 1.7 for it to not crash or not serve completely blank pages (even though it should work on 1.6), but the servlets / JSPs need to be running on JDK 1.6 because we're using some old libraries incompatible with 1.7.

Is it possible to run the Tomcat server on a different version of the JDK / JRE than the pages in the container, in general? If so, generic instructions on how to do this would be great. Thanks!


Luckily it seems they don't even read the same environment variables. The JSPs/servlets in the container seems to run whatever JAVA_HOME points to, and Tomcat seems to run whatever JDK_HOME points to. This is my super hacky workaround for a project set up with maven.

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