I've written a program in python, on my Mac, which I intend to run on a Raspberry Pi.

It includes a background picture that changes, and a button that starts/stops music playing.

The program uses pygame.

On the Mac it runs exactly as I expect it to do.

But when I run it on the Pi, and the play button is pressed, the whole program freezes for 25 - 30 seconds (the images stop changing, can't ctrl+alt+f to a different login) with no sound. After the freeze the program resumes, sound start playing ....

There's nothing logged in /var/log/syslog ....

In the main object for the program I initialise the mixer.

    def __init__(self):
            pygame.mixer.pre_init(44100, -16, 2, 2048)

Then the play button in the program calls this method to toggle the button image between a play and stop icon, and start the current tune (the media files are ogg files called 001.ogg, 002.ogg etc):

    def clickButtonPlay(self):
            if self.buttonPlay > 2:
            if self.buttonPlay == 1:
                    newTune = "tunes/%03d.ogg" %self.tuneNo
                    self.song = pygame.mixer.Sound(newTune)

Any ideas what's causing the freeze?


Doh!Should have used pygame.mixer.music, not pygame.mixer.Sound.

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