If any one knows how to get the thumbnails in correct 16:9 format from dailymotion API please let me know. I tried with https://api.dailymotion.com/videos?fields=id,thumbnail_360_url,title&thumbnail_ratio=widescreen but still not getting how to get 16:9 format. For Example : http://s2.dmcdn.net/HHNat/320x240-8jE.jpg is giving 4:3 format. But in the same way how can I get 16:9 format thumbnail?

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I'm not sure how to reply to this question since the answer is in your question. The thumbnail_ratio global API parameter controls the aspect of the thumbnails returned by the API. As of today, it accepts either original (default), widescreen or square. If you don't provide this parameter, you cannot control the aspect ratio of the thumbnail, it will always depend on the video. So the correct call was in your question all along: https://api.dailymotion.com/videos?fields=thumbnail_360_url&thumbnail_ratio=widescreen

  • Thanks for the point to point answer. As I am new to Dailymotion so I did not know how to pass parameter to get the result. – tanmaya biswal Sep 11 '14 at 6:30

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