Can someone suggest me a DQL query to find the count of active users in a repository in documentum.

Below is the query I am using but it is not giving correct results, can someone suggest?

select count(user_name) from dm_user u , dm_group g  where any g.i_all_users_names = u.user_name and  u.user_state=0

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SELECT count(user_name) FROM dm_user u, dm_group g  
WHERE ANY g.i_all_users_names = u.user_name 
AND u.user_state = 1

Property user_state values are:

  • 0 user can log in (active)
  • 1 user inactive
  • 2 user locked
  • 3 user locked and inactive
SELECT count(user_name) FROM dm_user WHERE user_state = 0 and r_is_group = false
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