On an MVC project I have a service layer with commands and queries.

In some of these commands and queries I use Dapper which needs a Connection.

public class GetPostsStatsQuery {

  public GetPostsStatsQuery() {

  public PostStats Execute() {
     // Code here

What options do I have to create a connection and use it in dapper query?

  1. Can I inject one? How and with which lifecycle?

  2. Should I use "using (..."?

  3. Any other option?

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    there are some solutions how to create one connection per request, but i think it's better to open new connection within each query or command. Don't worry about performance, there is a connection pool which cares about connection reusing.
    – Marian Ban
    Sep 9 '14 at 18:13

Any of those options is fine, as is just about any other option (for example, a connection-factory). This is entirely an implementation detail, and should be driven by your other requirements. There is no single "right answer" here.

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