I'm trying to install an intermediate certificate on Nginx ( laravel forge ). Right now the certificate is properly installed, just the intermediate that is missing.

I've seen that I need to concatenate the current certificate with the intermediate. What is the best/safest way to add the intermediate certificate.

Also, if the install of the intermediate failed, can I just roll back to the previous certificate, and reboot nginx? ( the website site is live, so I can't have a too long downtime )


Nginx expects all server section certificates in a file that you refer with ssl_certificate. Just put all vendor's intermediate certificates and your domain's certificate in a file. It'll look like this.


To make sure everything is okay and to avoid downtime, I would suggest you to setup Nginx locally, add yourdomain.com to /etc/hosts, and try open it from major browsers. When you've verified that everything is correct your can replicate it to the production server.

When you're done, it is a good idea to use some SSL checker tool to verify (e.g. this one). Because pre-installed CA certificates may vary depending on browser and platform, you can easily overlook a misconfiguration checking from one OS or a limited set of browsers.


As @Martin pointed out, the order of certificates in the file is important. RFC 4346 for TLS 1.1 states:

This is a sequence (chain) of X.509v3 certificates. The sender's certificate must come first in the list. Each following certificate must directly certify the one preceding it.

Thus the order is:

  • 1. Your domain's certificate
  • 2. Vendor's intermediate certificate that certifies (1)
  • 3. Vendor's intermediate certificate that certifies (2)
  • ...
  • n. Vendor's root certificate that certifies (n-1). Optional, because it should be contained in client's CA store.
  • 4
    Please note that the order is important, see serverfault.com/questions/476576/…
    – Martin
    Sep 1 '16 at 17:10
  • I tried this method but my nginx isn't reloading, and is throwing the error no ssl_certificate_key given. Please explain this Apr 23 '19 at 17:55

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