I'm using sublime text 3 on mac. Whenever I've had a project or folder open and closed the window (not quit the app) it would remember where i last left off, and open my last window. I noticed now when I close the window it gives me a blank document. I have to go browse to open the project. Is there some setting I'm missing?

EDIT: okay I guess this is because the application hasnt really exited when i hit the red x.. its still running but i just closed my tabs. is there any way to make sublime text quit when all its windows are closed?


To maintain project settings in Sublime, you need to quit the entire application instead of just closing the windows. Use Q to quit, or select Sublime Text -> Quit. There is no way to make the program quit when just closing the windows, OS X generally doesn't work that way.


You should use RedQuits, quits app when closing last window http://www.carsten-mielke.com/redquits.html

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