I am using django-allauth for social login in my django application. When a user is prompted with a social-login dialog, Facebook login window for ex., he can choose to decline the request for permissions.

In this case, the user is currently getting redirected to /accounts/social/login/cancelled/. Is there some way by which I can redirect him to a custom url?

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I figured out that I can override allauth's social login cancel view with my custom view. I followed the instructions described in this blog post - How to override a view from an external Django app.

All I needed to do was define a view with my custom logic and place a url definition for this view above the allauth urls definition in urls.py


def login_cancelled(request):


from myapp.views import login_cancelled

urlpattenrs = patterns(
    url(r'^accounts/social/login/cancelled/$', login_cancelled),
    url(r'^accounts/', include('allauth.urls')),

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