I searched about how to pass empty array to ransack, for example:

@search = PromotionsRetailer.search(retailer_id_in: [])

This sql statement:

"SELECT `promotions_retailers`.* FROM `promotions_retailers` "

I found this link, to add -1 to empty array, so i used search(retailer_id_in: ([] + [-1])).

  1. Any solution is better than this solution?
  2. How to search using retailer_id in promotion table, if i have many-to-many relation between promotions/retailers without using breaking table PromotionsRetailer by ransack gem?

First part of question is vital. This should be a separate question.

Unfortunately, there in no more elegant way to cope with it, than:

search(retailer_id_in: ([] + [-1]))

The problem lays somewhere in the gem. And if you pass empty array, or array filled with nil values as a parameter, there will be join in SQL, but all the conditions will be ignored, e.g.:


Article.ransack({authors_id_in: [nil, nil, nil]}).result


SELECT "articles".* FROM "articles" LEFT OUTER JOIN "articles_authors" ON "articles_authors"."article_id" = "articles"."id" LEFT OUTER JOIN "authors" ON "authors"."id" = "articles_authors"."author_id"

Your second part of question is about searching through HABTM relations using ransack, which is explained in Rails 3.1 Ransack HABTM pretty good.


Promotion.ransack({retailer_id_in: [1,2,3]}).result

You should not use PromotionsRetailer class itself.

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