Is it possible to allow query method @Params to be optional, specifically in the case of Spring Data REST?

For example, I'd like to bind a very similar search to the same resource path. To do this now, I would need something like the following:

@RestResource(path = "driver", rel = "byDriver")
List<Bar> findByDriverId(@Param("id") String id, Pageable pageable);

@RestResource(path = "driverAndSpan", rel = "byDriverAndSpan")
List<Bar> findByDriverIdAndStartTimeGreaterThanEqualAndEndTimeLessThanEqual(@Param("id") String id, @Param("start") Date start,
        @Param("end") Date end, Pageable pageable);

Which gives me:

byDriver: {
  href: "http://localhost:8080/foo/search/driver{?id,page,size,sort}",
byDriverAndSpan: {
  href: "http://localhost:8080/foo/search/driverAndSpan{?id,start,end,page,size,sort}",

What I want is to be able to see something like the following path, where start and end are optional parameters, rather than defining multiple methods in my Repository.

byDriverAndSpan: {
  href: "http://localhost:8080/foo/search/driverAndSpan{?id,*start,*end,page,size,sort}",

Which could potentially look like:

@RestResource(path = "driverAndSpan", rel = "byDriverAndSpan")
List<Bar> findByDriverIdAndStartTimeGreaterThanEqualAndEndTimeLessThanEqual(@Param("id") String id, @Param(value = "start", optional = true) Date start,
        @Param(value = "end", optional = true) Date end, Pageable pageable);
  • Digging out an old post... I'm surprised no one mentioned Querydsl, which is exactly what you could have used. – Marc Tarin Apr 7 '17 at 8:32

No, this is currently not supported. If it was there would be the risk of ambiguity. There could be the scenario where the incoming url could match more than 1 @RestResource.

To explain from a Java point of view lets say we could define two methods:

getPerson(String firstName, int age);

getPerson(String firstName, {Optional} int age, int phoneNumber);

There would be issues when someone is aiming to invoke the second method, not supplying age but being mapped to the first method with the phoneNumber being read as an age.

  • How come is there risk of ambiguity? Parameters have (unique) names. – Nefreo Jan 11 '17 at 22:35
  • Are you supplying the parameter names in the request? – UserF40 Jan 12 '17 at 11:19
  • 3
    The OP states that he would like something along the lines of http://localhost:8080/foo/search/driverAndSpan{?id,*start,*end,page,size,sort}. In this case parameters are supplied by name so there shouldn't be room for ambiguity. – Nefreo Jan 12 '17 at 14:24

There is a "required" parameter option in @Param that you can use.

@RestResource(path = "driverAndSpan", rel = "byDriverAndSpan")

List findByDriverIdAndStartTimeGreaterThanEqualAndEndTimeLessThanEqual(@Param("id") String id, @Param(value = "start", required = false) Date start, @Param(value = "end", required = false) Date end, Pageable pageable);

  • There is no option required in @Param annotation. Only @RequestParam has a required option. – CDT Apr 26 at 12:17

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