I'm trying to add an header file to dev-C++ but when I compile it it doesn't work. Here are my exact steps (for my example, I'm trying to get mysql.h to work):

  1. copy "mysql.h" into c:\dev-c++\includes
  2. check that in dev-C++ tools > compiler options > directories > c includes and c++ includes have the path to "c:\dev-c++\includes"
  3. include #include at the top of my file
  4. compiled

This is what the dev-C++ compiler told me:

13 C:\Documents and Settings\Steve\Desktop\server code\setup1\main.c `mysql' undeclared (first use in this function) 

As well as other errors due to not locating the header file

Are the steps I've outlined correct? Or is there something else I need to do to get the header files to compile.

P.S. I tried doing the same with VS2008 (put mysql.h in the vs2008 include folder, etc) but still have the same error. I would like to stick with Dev-c++ if possible.


Dev-C++ is a port of GCC, so try this page: http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/cpp/Search-Path.html.

Note that you probably have to tinkle with the Makefile.


You didn't say how you included it at the top of your file. This should work if you did

#include "mysql.h"

rather than

#include <mysql>

which is a mistake that people sometimes make.

EDIT: Perhaps try using relative paths rather than an absolute path (as you seem to be doing) when specifying additional include directories? I don't know if that would make a difference (and I don't have the time to check) but I've always used relative paths and it's always worked for me (it's also good practice anyway). So, instead of


something like

\Include or ..\Include depending on your project file structure.

  • #include "mysql.h" – Steve Nov 3 '08 at 2:29

I had the same problem....

You need to put the #include after "using namespace std;", in order to use your header file in the standard namespace.

For me it is working.

Best wishes.


On the left side, right click the Project and choose "Add to Project", and then select the header file.


Its very simple ...

Just make Your header file and save it as .h extension.

Then use #include "file_name.h" instead of using include

Example- This is my header file.

     using namespace std;

     namespace Ritesh
             int a;
             int b;
             void sum();
     void Ritesh::sum()

Then use of it-

#include "Ritesh.h"
   using namespace std;
   using namespace Ritesh;
   int main()

Output- Output of program

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