I would like to integrate a JavaFX GUI in an existing IntelliJ IDEA Java project (java version 1.8.0_20).

Although I can create a JavaFX project from scratch (JavaFX plugin is enabled) in my IDE, I can't figure out how to create a module.

Do I need to define a new module SDK for a new Java module? Or does the type of the JavaFX module has to be IntelliJ Platform Plugin? I tried both without any success. Please help.

Many thanks, Cristina


I don't think you can define a new JavaFX module in Idea 13.1. Note that there is not much difference between a JavaFX project and a non-JavaFX project in Idea, so you can just create a normal Java module and make a couple of manual tweaks to the module configuration and it should behave the same as if you created a JavaFX project. See the following answer for more details:

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Okay this question is old and has been answered but let me add more to it. I came across the same problem and did a little workaround:

You first open the main project in IDEA (in which you want to add a JavaFX project module), then goto File -> New -> Project.

From there, you get the standard New Project dialog of IDEA, so select javaFX and proceed. Make sure the project location is where you want the JavaFX module to be created (which is why i prompted you to open the parent project in IDEA first). Open it in a new window and close it, doesn't matter.

Now, (Assuming that you only have the main project opened in IDEA) goto its File -> Project Structure and in the dialog, goto Modules and click add (+) -> Import module and then select the project you just created. Proceed through the wizard, overwrite the .iml and the JavaFX module should be added to your main project structure.

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