Could someone please help me. I'm looking for a solution for setting a maxwidth on a Tooltipster tooltip bubble. I'm not talking about the area which activates the tooltip, I'm talking about the tooltip bubble itself. When I put a few sentences of text in a tooltip it stretches from the left to the right of my screen and sometimes goes off the page. I want to be able to set a max width at say 400px, where anything in excess would be broken onto a new line.


I already checked and tried changing this in the javascript file:

maxWidth Set a maximum width for the tooltip. Default: null (no max width)

But nothing happened. It still appears like it does in the screenshot. Could it be because I've applied it to a paragraph tag? I tried to apply it to a span tag instead but it did the same thing.


The maxWidth option that's given with Tooltipster is one that needs to be passed into the tooltipster() function when you initialise the tooltip itself, i.e.

    // Other setup goes in here as key:value pairs
    'maxWidth': 500   

From the example above, this will "restrict" your tooltips to occupy a max width of 500 pixels. I've setup a very simple JSFiddle showing various examples with custom maxWidth options which should help you out with the syntax.

I hope this helps :)

  • Thank you very much sir! The code you mentioned above looks a little bit different to mine, but I still managed to get this to work: ;(function ($, window, document) { var pluginName = "tooltipster", defaults = { maxWidth: 500, }; – Jonny Oct 2 '14 at 8:30
  • I actually already tried this before but forgot I was using the minified JS doh! :) – Jonny Oct 2 '14 at 8:33
  • I was just about to say that looks like minified code ;) No problems, well it's always here for future reference :D – zesda Oct 2 '14 at 9:14

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