I am using an asp.net HttpModule to perform a security test on my web application. The problem I am having is on some pages I am using jquery ajax with WebMethods. The WebMethods appear not to be triggering the module. Is there anyway that this can be achieved?

My code is as so:

public class MyModule: IHttpModule
    public void Init(HttpApplication application)
        application.PreRequestHandlerExecute += (new EventHandler(this.Application_Test));

    private void Application_Test(Object source, EventArgs e)


    public void Dispose() { }

WebMethod that is called:

public static void SearchMachines(String searchString)
  • Did you configure your HttpModule in the web.config of your webservice?
    – Kevin D
    Sep 11, 2014 at 12:43
  • I too am facing the same issue.
    – A-Dubb
    Mar 5 at 22:53

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I assume you are using webmetod in your aspx page.

Webmethods are static and HttpModules will only get triggered when a request is passed with instance of a webpage(page class).

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