In Eclipse's Project Explorer view there is a project named "JSR-109 Web Services" that can not be deleted or removed.

I did not create this project. It came to Project Explorer by itself.

How do I remove this "JSR-109 Web Services"?

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Select "Customize View..." on the Project Explorer view's menu (on the view's upper-right upside-down triangule button).

Select the "Content" tab and uncheck "JSR-109 Web Services Index".

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    Since Eclipse 2019-12/4.14 the View Menu's icon is no longer a chevron but a vertical ellipsis (⋮). Therein it's Filters and Customization...Content → ☐ SR-109 Web Services Index now. Jul 22, 2020 at 15:14
  • In 2022-03 eclipse for mac, click on the funnel (filters) which is on top-right of the project explorer. Then in "Contents" tab, uncheck the (last) item "JSR-109 Web Services Index".
    – Hitesh
    May 4 at 10:18

Delete the folder named RemoteSystemsTempFiles in your workspace


JSR-109 Web Services is not a project. Its an implementation standard that ensures that your Web Service maintains the Standards and it (your Service) interoperate with other service there is..

Follow the link for more details.

Eclipse Documentation

and the following link has a work around on removing the same.

uncheck JSR-109 Web Services
really uncheck JSR-109 Web Services

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