As the leader of a small team, I need to figure out how to use and administer the Visual Studio Team Services / Team Foundation Server 2013 ecosystem. I am finding the learning curve to be very steep. Can anyone point me to how-to and tutorial resources along the lines of 'VS Team Services / TFS 2013 for Dummies'? At this point, I really just want to be able to use VS Team Services for source control. I am not yet interested on the full ALM.

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It's a great question John. My suggestion would be to start in the Getting Started content for Visual Studio Team Services: https://www.visualstudio.com/docs/overview

Additionally, there are books available for Team Foundation Server 2013 & Visual Studio Team Services. I can selfishly recommend Professional Team Foundation Server 2013 from Wrox as one of those printed resources.

Professional Team Foundation Server Book Cover

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    Thanks. I will check out the book. Sep 12 '14 at 21:07

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